Garage Floor Coatings

If you're  looking to enhance your interior floors, we offer many color options:

Flake Flooring System  is an application that has a variety of flake color options, sizes,  and is commonly installed in garages, game rooms, workshops, restaurants, commercial warehouse, industrial flooring, and car showrooms. This type of floor is extremely durable. 


  • Polyurea basecoat - 98% more flexible, 100% UV resistant, & 4-10x stronger than epoxy.
  • Polyaspartic top coat - 100% automotive fluid resistant & 100% UV proof
  • Sustainability - extremely tough and resilient 
  • Easy Care - low maintenance 
  • Longevity - long lasting 15+ years
  • Variety  -  colors and finishes
  • Environmental Friendly - VOC Free